I'm Alex

Filmmaker/ Photographer / Video editor

Alex Antigua is a Dominican filmmaker raised in Brooklyn, N.Y.

While pursuing his undergrad, he embarked on his multifaceted career as a Director, Writer and Cinematographer, shifting between various independent films and music videos.

His independent film credits include: Cinematography work on PTSD (Pursuing to Save David). Has Had his First film titled “Project: Hotline NYC” premiere at the Miami Urban Film festival 

He’s also produced music videos for musicians such as 8ighty8 (S.I.T.H. X iNTeLL) – POWAh, and 2nd Generation Wu – LEGACY DRIP Which have appeared on Hot 97

Whether if he’s behind the Camera or Directing to bring visions to life, Antigua strives to bring a new style of filming to shake up the movie world with original ideas.

For Photography and Videography project, please contact:

Antigua_Studio Youtube / Events / Wedding / Behind The Scenes
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Films For Grim Youtube
Films For Grim Youtube
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